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Regardless of where one finds him or herself in the global warming debate, green construction (and green remodeling) makes economic sense. Moreover, green building practices are no longer limited to the fringes of the industry and accordingly, materials, products, design know-how, and standards are maturing and are now well established and widely available.

With our experience and specific “green” certification (CGP - Certified Green Professional, by the National Association of Home Builders, the NAHB), Mega Builders is on a very short list of contractors focusing on and specializing in green building. Los Angeles is the perfect market for green construction. Los Angeles offers wide material, fixture, and appliance availability. Our typically hot climate makes realizing significant savings with energy-efficient systems, low water consumption systems, and solar power (to name but a few of the staples of green construction) an easy and economically viable proposition.

So what exactly is green building, Los Angeles homeowners often ask? And, more importantly, how can homeowners benefit from it?

If you are considering rebuilding your home entirely or purchasing a new home, the scope of issues associated with green construction is very broad. The new home’s orientation on the lot, the type of lot development work considered, and so forth all need to be factored in by the new home builders. Los Angeles builders, however, are mostly focused on facades and density and less focused (or utterly uninformed) about any of the green aspects of lot development. Mega Builders, on the other hand, is both aware of and well-informed in everything green. As one of the top general contractors Los Angeles has to offer, our approach to every project includes a thorough review and incorporation of green design parameters.

In order for you to capitalize on the savings inherent in green systems and be a good shepherd of the environment, there is no need for you to rebuild your home or buy a new one however. You can accomplish quite a bit on both accounts with accessible and relatively inexpensive upgrades to your home, which we will explore below. While a lot could be accomplished by merely following some general and generic steps, you would be well served choosing an expert green custom home builder. Los Angeles has some excellent choices of green-aware and green-certified general contractors. Los Angeles is also known to have legions of less stellar remodeling companies, so look for those that have specialized green certification (from the NAHB, NARI), experience, and reputation. Engaging the right company will ensure a timely and competent performance as well as maximize your “bang for the buck” and minimize the environmental impact of your improvements.

First up is energy efficiency. With energy prices being what they are (expensive and forever increasing), reducing a home’s energy use directly translates into significant reduction in energy expense. Add to that the associated reduction in the home’s carbon footprint and everyone’s a winner. Energy efficiency of a home could be improved in many ways. You might consider tackling all right away or addressing the issue progressively over time. Systems to look at here for possible upgrade include the HVAC (air conditioning system), insulation, windows and doors, lighting, appliances, and the water heater.

Reducing water consumption is next. Here the players would be the low-flow fixtures (which have come a long way and are now excellent), gray-water systems (which might not be legal at your location yet but could be factored into the work at present in anticipation of the inevitable future), specialized yard-watering systems, and yard design and planting materials.

The quality of the interior air must be considered as well. Energy efficient homes can become so airtight that the quality of the air inside is far worse than that outside (and being in Los Angeles, that should give pause to all). Material selections, lifestyle, cleaning materials, mechanical fresh air venting, and so forth all play parts in improving indoor air quality.

In addition to the above, a green-aware contractor would reduce the impact of any project you might be considering by recycling much of the construction waste, specifying optimal value engineering (OVE) elements, incorporating environmentally aware construction methods (reducing dust, noise, street, and storm drain pollution, ground pollution, incorporating recycled elements, etc.), and keeping you well informed.

When it comes to green building, wind power and solar power, Los Angeles based Mega Builders provides free information to help homeowners make smart, environmentally-friendly decisions. To learn more about Mega Builders' green services, please contact us by calling 800-310-6342 or using the online contact form.

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