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Mega Builders in the news...

Mega Builders, your premier home builder in Los Angeles, has been featured in many articles across various publications both local and national. From consumer magazines like Remodeling to daily periodicals such as the Los Angeles Times and professional publications such as the Journal of Light Construction (JLC) and smaller publications like South Bay Living.

All have used Mega Builders as a source of current, cutting edge and competent information about the remodeling business and marketplace. Mega Builders takes pride in being a leader in the Southern California home builder market, and we hope these articles will give you an insight into the experience our company has as a contractor, remodeler, and a client-centric organization, whether you have already hired a Los Angeles architect or are entrusting us with your  design work.


February 2019

September 2017

June 2016

Pro Spotlight: How to Save on Home Design and Building.
You can read the entire story here

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January 2016

December 2015

"We won the Best of Houzz award...again: in January 2016 we won, for the thirst consequtive year, the prestigous Best Of Houzz award. A big 'tank you' to all of our clients, colleges and firends for your on going support!"

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September 2014

The Orange County Register ran an in-depth story about the importance of permits in contraction and remodeling and the problems homeowners run into when permits are not pulled for work. Alon Toker was interview for this story and is quoted extensively in this article.

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February 2011

Home & Architectural TRENDS magazine, in their current (February 11') 'book', featured a house we Designed & Built in a 12 page, gorgeous pictorial that extensively featured both outside and inside views, including two full pages dedicated to the incomparable 'Mal Corboy Cabinets' kitchen we featured in this home, along with pages in glorious color featuring many of the unique elements that combined to make this home a true estate residence. Don't miss this!  You can read the entire story here.

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December 2008

The Journal of Light Construction's December issue featured a 6-page article by Alon Toker titled: "Adding to an Existing Slab Foundation". This, mostly technical article was the issue's cover story. The image on the right shows the December issue's cover. Our crew is seen pouring concrete into a footing of an estate residence we designed and which is presently under construction.

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March 2008

In a story about the current state of the remodeling industry and covering suggestions for remodelers on how to deal with present market conditions, Upscale Remodeling writer interviews Alon Toker of Mega Builders.

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May 2007

 In their new Remodeling Blog, the Los Angeles Times is featuring guest experts on a weekly basis to answer readers' questions. The first such industry expert, at the Time's request, was again Alon Toker of Mega Builders. Take a look here.

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October 2006

 For its new column "Ask the Contractor",  the Los Angeles Times chose Alon Toker of Mega Builders for the very first edition. In Kathy Price-Robinson's  trusty hands, 'Devil's Dilemma' makes for a great read. Read it here

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June 2005

 Here's an excerpt from the most recent article featuring Alon Toker and Megabuilders. "For his part, Toker, president of Mega Builders in Chatsworth, Calif., says his company excels in design/build work in part because its systems help manage homeowner expectations."

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Big 50:

April 2013

Mega Builders is extremely proud to have been selected to be included in the Big 50 list. Thank you Remodeling magazine. More importantly - Thanks to all of our wonderful clients who made it possible for us to realize this accomplishment.

"Every year Remodeling magazine selects 50 remodelers who represent the very best service and quality in the country. The Remodeling Big 50 has become the most prestigious acknowledgment professional remodelers can receive." Paul Deffenbaugh Editor - in - Chief, Remodeling magazine.

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September 2003

Alon contributed to this article published in Remodeling's September 2003 issue. Alon discussed ways to build a successful business in the home remodeling industry.

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June 2003

 In this Remodeling article Alon discusses his methods of working with clients to help them through the difficult decisions and time commitments of a home remodel.

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April 2003

This three page article featured Mega Builders as a primary source of information on new trends in home remodeling.

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January 1970

Alon answers reader submitted questions in this feature of Better Homes & Gardens Remodeling magazine.

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January 1970

 In this feature, Alon was asked to help readers of the magazine with tough questions on home remodeling and design.

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September 2002

 This article offers advice to other small to medium sized businesses. Remodeling again consulted Alon and Mega Builders for real world experience and successful business practices.

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July 2002

Remodeling again featured Alon and Mega Builders in this article about kitchen design and the thought process for microwave placement.

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July 2000

 Remodeling interviewed Alon for his opinions and experiences with spirituality in the workplace.

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November 1999

 Remodeling chose Alon to face off against another contractor in this article on medium sized businesses in the remodeling industry.

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July 1999

 On July 10, 1999 the Los Angeles Times quoted Alon Toker, President in another article on the surge in home remodeling:

"There's an urgency now. People feel they are going to miss the train, so they rush," Toker said. "A year ago, everybody had composure. Now, everybody is in a hurry to get things online."

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May 1999

The Los Angeles Times runs an article on the resurgence of home remodeling in Southern California

"I don't know that people are thinking 'Gee, I'm richer now,' now that the Dow [Jones Industrial average] has gone past 10,000," said Alon Toker, president of Mega Builders in Van Nuys. "But some how you feel upbeat because the future looks bright."

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May 1999

 This article features the Tokers and one of the many services Megabuilders offers; foundation retrofitting.

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Industry Power Brokers

April 2013

 In it's March 1999 issue, Remodeling Magazine included Mega Builders in the Remodel 500 list. This list is defined as "Power Brokers - The definitive list of the industry's 500 biggest player". Not bad - huh?

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South Bay Living

April 2013

This article, featured in South Bay Living, used Mega Builders'  design and remodeling expertise to walk anxious consumers through the process. This article provides a few tips to avoiding common mistakes in the remodel process.

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April 1999

 By the end of the ‘90s, the market began to grow for the new home builder. Los AngelesTimes quoted Alon once again on the market conditions in Southern California:

"The market here will outlast the market elsewhere in the United States because we started later," Toker said, "The party is a year old [nationwide] and it will run a year and a half to two years. Now the party is here, and it's going on all over the place."

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December 1998

 On December 17, 1998 the Los Angeles Times ran a story about another Mega Builders project. Thanks again for the Times and its reporter (Kathy Price Robinson) for a wonderful story.

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September 1997

 On September 7th the LA Times ran a remodelling feature in their Real Estate section. Mega Builders was a large contributor to that article.

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