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In February of this year my wife and I purchased a 5,000 square foot "fixer" on 1.1 acres in a community that is consistently in the top 5 most affluent cities in the country. The entire city is within the control of an HOA which is in sync with the city. Many of my neighbors are national and international celebrities and performers. I, most certainly am not! I reference this fact because it emphasizes the level of scrutiny and impact that the city and HOA can have on remodeling and planning here. It is not uncommon for planning and permit approvals to take more than a year.

My wife and I have completed nine major remodels over the last 30 years, all progressively more intense and all as an owner-builder. Since this was to be our most challenging project of all, a tear down to exterior studds, plus 1,000 square feet, we decided to go with a “design / build” firm rather than first engaging an architect and then going out for bid to General Contractors. We felt that we could have a greater influence on design development and create an efficiency by using a team to achieve milestones collectively, reducing redundancy and shortening the approval process.

Alon Toker of Mega Builders, has proven to be the right choice and was able to begin work on our project on December 1st, a mere 10 months after we closed escrow! This might sound like a long time to the uninitiated but the fact is that it's is close to miraculous when you consider that the demands of the community make our project closer to a commercial job than residential.

We worked very closely in the initial design stage using 3D drawings, floor plans and elevations drawn by Alon showing various options and making changes along the way. After we completed this creative process, Alon’s team created the requisite plans and took care of obtaining permits. This process involved handling environmental testing and abatement, soils testing and engineering, civil and structural engineering, drafting, fire department coordination and site drainage planning, among many others.

Our contract was in two parts. The first part being “Design” the second part “Build” with no commitment to part two. We were very pleased with the cost of part one, especially since it contained a promise of a sizable discount on part one IF we went with Mega Builders for part two. When the time came and we decided to use Mega Builders for part two, we were so pleased with the quality and effort that we declined the discount! Alon earned the bonus!

As one might imagine, this is a multi-million dollar project so keeping a sharp pencil has been critical in establishing costs within an affordable budget. Alon has worked closely with us and enabled us to save a considerable cost making the project feasible.

It has been only three weeks but, based on years of personal experience, I can already see the “wisdom” of my decision. No effort is wasted and there is no question about the various crews doing what is needed. This is just the start of a job that, with a little luck, will take a full year. I will have more to say along the way but I have no reservations in recommending Alon Toker and Mega Builders.

- Robert Rothman -

Mega Builders did an excellent job on our whole home remodel. From start to finish, they were professional, communicative, and accommodating. When any issues came up, we were always provided with options and given all the information necessary to make an informed decision. We wouldn't hesitate hiring Mega Builders again.

- waymost -

Mega Builders delivered excellent work on a whole house renovation and additional construction work we did with our house in Beverly Hills. They been super easy to work with and considered amount of changes we've incorporated into design as we went on construction, execution was flawless. We started with 3,600 sq ft single story old ranch house situated on a large flat lot, as we ended up with over 5,200 sq ft of living space, including two bedroom guest house and large theater. We've added second floor to the house and expanded first floor footprint.

During construction we've replaced practically all systems of the house including plumbing, water filtration systems, whole new electric including upgrade of the electrical conduits to 400amp, hvac systems and whole house automation and dedicated server room space.

At the end we're pretty happy with result and will recommend Mega Builders to everyone ! They're really nice to work with !

- Sergey Titov -

if this review is a bit through the roof, that is because everything under the roof of the home that we purchased, unbeknownst to us, was a disaster.

Alon Toker and Mega Builders were referred to me by a very close friend who had renovated their very large home in Beverly Hills and used Mega Builders for the rebuild. It was exquisite. We intended to do very little work on the home and asked Alon to come estimate the the kitchen and bathroom renovation that was our intended scope of work. During their review of the job, they pointed out something that had not been brought to our intention by the sellers, brokers, contractor, or even the inspection company, doing the inspection . I thought maybe that this was another contractor trying to create work for themselves, although knowing our friends experience was perfect and nor would they refer anyone to us that wasn't great. But, why else would have no one mentioned the same concerns, especially when they were being paid to do such that. Yet, when for my own protection, I went back and brought up the concern, I was met with the same reaction that I had; Must be a contractor looking for work. You should have us do the kitchen. But, I took Mega Builders advise and tried to get the sellers to allow further inspection, and that was declined. I trusted my team....

Long story short, Alon was right! Was he a genius? I'll let him answer that. Was he honest? YES! Since then, Alon and Mega builders has been amazing in helping us with the process of correcting the issues that we found ourselves stuck with. Mega Builders work and consideration of budget, design choices; cost vs effect, have been beyond the scope. I can not imagine going through this experience with another company. I have always felt that Alon and Mega Builders, that I was in great hands and any question or direction would be answered with choices that always reflected what was in our best interest. It has been that way. I hope that most people reading this review, won't have the experience that we did on our purchase and would need to have Mega Builders be so involved, but in our case. It is exactly what we needed and would have even prayed for. On the obvious level of hope, the subs that have been brought on the site have been great at their game, and their behavior. Mega Builders has brought the best, done the best, offered the best, and always been there.

I give Mega Builders Five Stars because I gave them my and my family's life and home, and they handled it with acumen, care, creativity, sensitivity, and professionalism .... Now if we could just find a doctor, with those qualities, who also thinks about whats best for us and the cost!!

- ashtonjones -

Mega Builders rebuilt our house in San Marino, California. The existing house was not in very good shape but the lot was big and had a lot of potential. For those who know, the City of San marino has very strict guidelines for home designs. Mega Builders was able to work within those guidelines and built a wonderful and functional home with excellent details. Mega Builders was always professional and on time with their work. Any delays were caused by us making changes along the way. I would definitely recommend them and if I were to do another major project like this, I would definitely consider Mega Builders again.

- Tony Gin -

We were dead in the water on our house remodeling. We had spent a significant amount of money on design plans that were not functional.

Mega Builders came to us and provided everything we needed from design to planning to all work. The work was at an exceptional level of quality and esthetics. The craftsmanship was superb. It was completed on time and on budget.

Great looking work that stood the test of time.

- benya -

Alon Toker and Mega Builders were hired by my wife and I to do siginificant remodel of our house in Chatsworth, CA. We must have interviewed at least 10 other contractors and developers before we decided on Mega Builders. Alon was never pushy, but had the quiet confidence of someone who knew what he was doing and he did take the time to show us several projects he had completed and/or was in the process of completing. The Mega Builders crew completed the work on time and on budget and were very professional. They were extremely detail oriented and thorough in working with us on all the final punch list items so we were completely satisfied with our project. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Alon Toker and Mega Builders as they did a excellent job on our project.

- cweerasooriya -

Relationship: Client Project Date: May 2006 Project Price: more than $100,000 Mega Builders rebuilt our house in San Marino, California. The existing house was not in very good shape but the lot was big and had a lot of potential. For those who know, the City of San marino has very strict guidelines for home designs. Mega Builders was able to work within those guidelines and built a wonderful and functional home with excellent details. Mega Builders was always professional and on time with their work. Any delays were caused by us making changes along the way. I would definitely recommend them and if I were to do another major project like this, I would definitely consider Mega Builders again.

- Tony Gin -

Relationship: Client Project Date: April 2004 Project Price: more than $100,000 Designed and built an extensive remodel of our home in 2004. Work involved moving interior walls, moving windows, earthquake updates, complete new wiring and electric panels, new air conditioning ducts, new flooring, complete new master bath and walk in closet, lighting, etc. We had excellent communication during both design and construction phases. He convinced me to contract with him when he said #1 - your selection of contractor has got to be based on trust, and #2 - he offered a guarantee that he would be finished in 10 weeks from our start date - I did not have to ask for it. He finished in 10 weeks and 3 days of start. There was no bickering at all with changes and cost. Finished within contracted cost. Work was excellent. His crews were diligent, careful, knowlegeable, hard working, & respectful.

- exumry -

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: January 2010 Project Price: more than $100,000 Mega Builders is absolutely meticulous and of the highest quality -- even to my perfectionist standards. They seems to know just about everything there is in construction and there seem to be no standard house building techniques... And everyone in Mega Builders are absolutely nice, polite and respectful of owners, children, pets... There are just not enough good things to tell about Mega Builders! Happy As Can Be

- dekelhomescape -

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: July 2007 Project Price: more than $100,000 Mega Builders are by far the most professional company that have participated in my project. Their knowledge of technical details and how to choose the right technique for installation of various components made a big difference. To that date, every area of the project that they were responsible for is flawless.

- amirgmega -

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: March 2012 Project Price: more than $100,000 I have worked with Mega Bildiers for nearly eight years providieng them with structural engineering services. They are a team committed to doing the job right at the first time. They are extemely knolageble and timely in teir work.

- yogurtian -

Relationship: Colleague I have known and wroked with Mega builders for 10+ years and have found them to be very professional to deal with. Mega Builders is a top notch design/build firm

- sxdoyle -

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: January 2010 Project Price: more than $100,000 I have had the pleasure to work with Mega Builders on 2 very large, very intricate custom home construction projects. Alon Toker’s work is second to none. As a company, his staff has the ability to implement changes seamlessly on the jobsite when the scope of planning has changed . The craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply amazing, and from my experience as a sub contractor, each team member that I have worked with on his projects responds immediate to questions and details that produces perfect end results. I highly recommend Mega builders . Maelisa Reed Lighting

- maelisa101 -

Relationship: Colleague Project Date: February 2007 Project Price: more than $100,000 Excellent contractor, did an excellent job on our clients large water loss in Beverly Hills, CA. Mega Builders also has worked on other losses and our client were pleased in the construction and met all deadlines. We highly recommend Mega.

- Buz Twarowski -

After my visit with Alon, I felt comfortable taking a chance on Mega Builders, even before getting fully acquainted with their work. I'm writing this now because that chance paid off in a home that's 100 times more comfortable and livable. They do unbelievable work. After my initial contact with Alon I knew I could put him in charge of the remodeling work around my house. Fixing your home is sometimes a harried experience. But that's not the case with Mega Builders. They're efficient, easy to talk to, and make your life nicer with their outstanding work. Everything is properly installed, fixed, and finished. They're also upfront about costs and time; definitely no curveballs here. This is a company you can trust.

- Google User -

I purchased a house in 2006 that needed some major remodeling. I hired MegaBuilders to do the work. They upgraded my kitchen, 2 bathrooms, removed 1 bathroom and add the extra space to another room. They also did hardwood floors in most of the 2nd floor and stairs and put in new rails in. They also painted the whole house, inside and outside. The results were better that I could have imagined. I am very happy with the result and highly recommend Alon and his team.

- Pierre Zarokian -

I got estimates from three other companies but Mega Builders offered the best service from the start. I had to wait a whole week for one of the other guys to return my calls. When it came down to it, I made my decision by going for the company with the most thought-out plan of what needed to be done to improve our home. I didn't get to see how the other guys worked, but I saw how these guys did it. They kept an eye out for everything. When they'd finish for the day, they'd clean up after themselves. I have no complaints about that. Yes, the whole time they were over it was noisy but now that it's all finished, WOW! Best decision ever!!

- Elijah Miller -

Alon and his guys were the best for my rebuilding. My project was rather large-scaled and they did exceptional work for me. The project was completed on time and it came in on budget. They told me they would do this but I was still preparing myself for it to go over budget. It was a great surprise. I underestimated them when I accepted their quote, but they sure proved me wrong. A great team to have working for you. Alon listens to you and makes himself available to your questions at all times. He never gave me the runaround! I am a satisfied and happy client. I recommend Mega Builders to anyone looking for a builder in the area. My house looks absolutely stunning!

- Lifechild S -

We have worked with Alon Toker and Mega Builders on numerous projects, most recently for a project in Pasadena. They are very knowledgeable about the city requirements and know what it takes to get your project the necessary permits to build the house of your dreams. We highly recommend them.

- Laura C -

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