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Here's what some of our customers have to say...


We’ve entrusted the rebuilding of our fire-ravaged home to Mega’s competent hands. With all that’s going on, the experience they have in dealing with insurance claims, with the city and with the design and building process is exactly what we needed and we are thankful to have found them.

- HW -

The Woolsey fire devestated our home. We are a long was from having out home rebuilt, but we feel that we are on our way and in good hands. Alon is helping us with the plans and with the insurance settlement and we have no doubt that our home would be built well and in the time-frame promised.

- HR -

Everyone at Mega was responsive and helpful throughout our year long project. It became clear early on that everyone at Mega made a commitment to customer satisfaction. We always felt that everything is being done to ensure that we are happy and that our concerns are addressed rather than dismissed. The work and the end product are great. Throughout the process Alon and the rest of the team kept the communication a priority, met and beat deadlines, and always treated us with difference and respect. I would not hesitate to use them again.

- T Sal -

We hired Mega Builders for a large project. we worked with Alon throughout, with weekly job site meetings taking place without fail. Alon’s guidance, design input and experience were always spot on, gladly shared and very appreciated. The work was ultimately finished ahead of schedule and within budget. . We have since recommended Mega and we are happy to do so again.

- J B -

So far so good. Definitely worth it. We have some work left, but the second floor is finished- looks great. We are very happy. kitchen, dining, and powder room left, but at least the sleep quarters are complete. Mega has been quite fantastic, we like them a lot and highly recommend them!

- Bev C -

Our home burnt down in the Woolsey fire. There are no words to describe how terrible this experies was (and continues to be). We are happy though to have found Alon. He is helping us with the insurance claim and with getting the plans together so that we can get permits to rebuild.

- A Stein -

Mega has done an excellent job in refurbishing and updating my home. Alon’s team helped me figure out what needed to be done and then got on with it. They listened to what I wanted, helped with the design and executed the work professionally. I was kept informed along the way. The result? My home looks great and functions beautifully!! I should also note that the workers showed up as scheduled and demonstrated care and pride in their work. Last but not least, the site was cleaned daily, which I greatly appreciated.

- M G -

As an architect and real estate developer with thirty years of design and construction experience including $1.5B in completed buildings, I am very happy to recommend Mega Builders. We completed a major home renovation and I had three conttactors competitively bid the job as I would do on one of my commercial development projects. Alon Toker of Mega won the job and he did an excelleny job implementing the work. I am a very picky client focused in big picture and every small detail. Alon’s subs were easy to work with and we had to tackle a few issues that emerged from unforeseen conditions following demolition, as with any renovation project. We kept our schedule, met weekly to walk the job and generally enjoyed the entire process. I have since hired Alon and his team for a second renovation. His process for owner selected items allowed my wife and me to control our budget closely. Most importantly, Alon and his subs have been in the business for decades so they offer excellent advice for finish details, materials, etc. While I had a tight plan and design, we improved a number of items and the end result is fantastic. We love our house.

- HU-401401359 -

I tend to fixate on pretty things, and left to my own whims I would spend our savings on building the prettiest (and also probably the most expensive) home imaginable. Luckily my husband Jeff keeps me within our budget. We had quite some money saved up for our four thousand plus square foot remodel, and I knew we could make it do wonders with the right builder. After meeting with like five or six contractors Mega Builders was pretty much a no brainer. They had all the credentials we were looking for - experience, professionalism, honesty, but more importantly and what really sold us (especially me) was that Alon and his team were able to work with my almost insatiable desire to make everything pretty (and pretty expensive at that) and figure out how to do it within our budget. They really worked with us (mostly me ) on realizing our vision of a beautiful home. Thank you Mega!

- Joana -

I dig these guys. I wanted the best, but I always felt like every contractor wanted to squeeze every last penny out of me. Alon and his crew were honest, competent, and obviously experienced. He and his guys have really helped me figure out how to get what I want without going broke, - some prime value engineering Alon is a master at. Its a good chunk of change don't get me wrong, we're remodelling just under 4,000 sf which is expensive any way you slpice it, but Alon and his guys really help me get the most out of every dollar. We've been going at it for around 7 months or so, and I'm still digging em, so there you have it. It also helps that as a music producer and classic rock aficionado I can chat about that good stuff with Alon - the dude knows his classic rock! Anyway, these guys are pros, straight up honest fellas. They know how to work with you to figure out the best deal and details for your project, couldn't recommend them more!

- Pete -

Overall quite happy. 2 years and 3 months, 5 contractors and finally now we find someone to do the job. After waiting for what feels like forever my husband and I finally agreed on someone. We have a sizable one story home in the woodland hills\ tarzanna area - about 5000 sf, 3 kids. We bought the house almost 10 years ago and didn't really do any upkeep. After leaving my previous job and working from home I started noticing things didn't quite like anymore; the kitchen and living room being separated by a dividing wall - a load baring wall no less (Alon helped us figure that out), the size of the mudroom, the office, the kids rooms (they're growing too fast and too much for their rooms), the guest house, the living room. There was so much I wanted to change and my husband Dave and I kept going back and forth until he finally agreed with me! Then came the drudergery of looking for a contractor. Initially Dave wanted to oversee construction and I was like really? The man thinks he can find time from his real estate work, which by the way takes up 50 hours a week, to also manage the house? Cmon I told him he was being cheap and stupid. I wanted it done right! We finally hired Mega Builders a little over 6 months ago and are so far quite happy with how its gone. They're really great, its a relief honestly knowing we have a crew like theirs doing the work we desperately needed doing.

- Maude -

Everything in remodelling takes longer than you think - though Alon and Mega told us exactly how long it would take. Needless to say we were overtly optimistic with the time frame initially, but we trusted them anyway and they were right. My husband and I work mostly from home so its an interruption any way you do it, but Mega was understanding and cooperative and helped work to save the office for last. Anyway it was a good excuse to head to the pier and beach a bit more - being in Santa Monica we live 15 min away by foot, and 3 min by car from the beach and yet we rarely visit. Now we are nearly done - only the office left, and we are quite pleased how its turned out so far.

- Nancy -

I don't usually do this sort of thing - reviews - but they've just been so great that when prompted I happily agreed. We've lived in the palisades for over 20 years - and its just great here - but we wanted to remodel our home, give it a well deserved (and quite extensive) sprucing up. We have a 4800 sf home with a fantastic view and really had no intention of leaving. We planned on redoing our kitchen, our master bed and bath, and teenage twin daughters' rooms and bathrooms. Something like 70-80% of our living space was going to be redone and we really wanted someone sensitive to our needs and preferences. Afterall this was going to be a long and messy process! We interviewed so many builders, contractors, etc. we felt a bit overwhelmed initially. One of our good friends - they moved to the pasadena area some 4 years ago and hired Mega for their home build and loved them - recommended Mega when we asked if the builders they used do the sort of extensive remodel we were looking for so we checked out their work and loved what we saw. It was great from the start, and now five months into it we're amazed at how much our home has been transformed. We are very excited to see it all finished, but we'll definitely be sad to say goodbye! We couldn't recommend them more!

- Samantha -

We have only recently hired Mega Builders - in the past couple months - and so far everything is going well. We hope it will continue this way. There is a lot of work still to be done, and the work they have completed this far exceeded our expectations. I am confident they will help make our home beautiful.

- Jack -

Very good. Mary and I are very happy so far. There was so much work! They make it look easy! We waited more than 1 and half year - mostly because Mary did not like anybody we interviewed - and she has a keen eye and good judgment. When she told me she like the Mega guys, I decided right there. People tell me I am a good husband, but I say no - I am a smart husband! We are doing extensive remodelling and addition - more than 5500 sf - and we wanted it done nice! The houses are very nice in this neighborhood and I didn't want us to stand out badly. These guys have some very great work in the area that we saw and liked a lot. It is amazing to be able to hire these guys - especially for me, I came to the US with nothing! After many years of hard work and saving, my wife, family and me deserve the best. And that is what we got. Thank you Mega!

- Jefferson -

I recently moved from Washington DC to Los Angeles and reached out to Alon Toker and MegaBuilders to ask for advice and guidance in evaluating several renovation projects in two candidate homes that I was considering buying as my primary residence. Alon is truly phenomenal- extremely sharp, professional, and honest. The quality of his written communication is superb! He volunteered to look at the houses online and wrote several emails to me in which he provided valuable insight and guidance regarding the challenges of construction in the Hollywood Hills. There was absolutely no “hard sell”- in fact no “sell” at all-- he did it all just because he cares— he didn’t ask for payment of any kind! Based on my experience with the home renovation and construction industry, it is very rare to find a company with such integrity, knowledge, client focus and client commitment. I would definitely recommend Mega Builders and Alon is clearly a very talented and knowledgeable professional!

- Christopher Zimmer -

Fantastic. Delightful experience so far. So so far so good. If the project goes on like this until completion, I will be quite happy (and I'm sure my husband will be too )!

- Manelle -

Great experience so far. Found these guys online - we were drawn in by their beautiful project pictures. They have like 35 years of experience, and they are most definetly pros. It also helps that they have done extensive work in our neighborhood, with projects of similar size and scope as our 4k sf remodel. They have been professional, respectful, and very sweet. We recommend them highly.

- Jana -

Go Mega! Haha, can't help it, I love these guys. Remodelling a 5,297 sf home in La Cañada is no feat for an amateur. We pretty much new right away we wanted Mega Builders to take on the project - a friend of a neighbor recommended them quite highly. After checking out their houzz page and website we immediately liked what we saw. Meeting them and then working with them has been great so far - these guys are hilarious! Top notch pros, don't get me wrong, and as well humored as they come, which for a talkative jokester like me is much appreciated! Couldn't recommend them more highly!

- Micha -

Great company - great to work with, clear communication, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly legit. Exactly what we were looking for. We are very definitely glad we hired them. Highly recommended.

- Merry -

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