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Here's what some of our customers have to say...


Mega Builders will leave you a satisfied client. They're clever and very efficient. They also understand design and architecture. They accomplished what they said they would within the established timeframe, and, very importantly, within the established budget. Thank You So Much! As their client, I was able to observe workers that had fine talent for their work. They exhibit skill and precision in each task. In all, they're smart and arrive prepared every day. I'd trust them again with future projects, both indoor and outdoor ones. They have the skill, the customer service, and the right price. Because they're customer-oriented, they're easy to talk to. That was something different for me. I've dealt with other builders that are just difficult in every respect. Not these guys!

- Alexandro L -

I came across this company reading Yelp reviews, but when I started asking my neighbors about the remodelers they had contracted over the years, Mega Builders would crop up. This was especially true among those whose homes had been upgraded in a big way, which was exactly what I was looking to do. I was sold on them because thanks to my neighbors' (gracious) house tours, I was able to see for myself their handiwork. Of course, now the best measure of service I look to is the work they've done for me. When I met Alon in person, the thing I liked about him right off the bat was that he didn't make me feel cornered or pushed into settling for his recommendations. He recognized that what I had to say mattered; it is my home, after all. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

- Monique L -

I purchased a house in 2006 that needed some major remodeling. I hired MegaBuilders to do the work. They upgraded my kitchen, 2 bathrooms, removed 1 bathroom and add the extra space to another room. They also did hardwood floors in most of the 2nd floor and stairs and put in new rails in. They also painted the whole house, inside and outside. The results were better that I could have imagined. I am very happy with the result and highly recommend Alon and his team.

- Pierre Z -

This company is the real deal. Alon has excellent workers: easy to deal with and efficient about their job. They don't waste your time or theirs. It's their focus that helps you out the most because with it they meet their deadlines. Just outstanding people to work with. I was able to tell right away that they're detail-oriented. If you hire them you'll see it too. Still, for all the hard work they put in, they remain friendly and very polite. They were a pleasure to work with, even considering the extent of the work that needed to be done. I found every aspect of their work and service to be more than satisfactory. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that I'll be calling them back, but I'll tell it anyway!

- Michael F -

To Whom it May Concern, "With your company's helpful bargains, our low income family was able to repair and reroof our 30 year old highly damaged roof with a brand new one. The appearance is like snow on the roof, a silver white. It was quick, one-day job in March of 1994, and it is in fine condition today, 1995. Mega Builders made it easier for a senior citizen. Thank you so much from the Hammond Family!!"

- Sincerely, The H Family of Pomona, California -

Dear Mr. Toker,

"I was writing concerning some work that Mega Builders did for me. Your company was very fair. After talking to five other contractors, I decided on Mega. You guys were very thorough in pointing out that the contract to me, and the work was finished in a timely manner, and the job was well done. So, to anyone that is looking for a reliable contractor, I highly recommend Mega Builders."

- Thanks!! Mr. T, Los Angeles -

Dear Mr. President,

"Your company constructed a room addition to my home. I was totally pleased with your workmanship, scheduling, professionalism, and last but not least, the cost. I was so pleased, that when it came time to repair damage to my house by the earthquake, the first and only company I called was Mega Builders. Again, I was very pleased with all of your work. I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to recommend Mega Builders to anyone planning on doing any type of construction to their home. Thank You."

- Sincerely, Mr. M, Canoga Park -

Dear Mr. Toker,

"I just wanted to write a note to say that I had Mega Builders remodel my bathroom, and your company is fantastic. Everyone is courteous, considerate, and the workers are very clean, they worked with me. My bathroom looks fantastic. If I had any type of building, remodeling, or anything I would have Mega Builders so it. Everything looks great!!"

- Thanks, Mrs. G, Alhambra -

To Everyone at Mega,

"I had some work done by your company in February of 1995. The work was started on time, finished on time, and the clean-up was super. So I do recommend Mega Builders. Everyone was competent and courteous. If anybody should ever need anything in construction or remodeling, I suggest they give you a try. They'll be glad they did."

- Sincerely, Mrs. F, North Hollywood -

Dear Mr. Toker,

"I hope you don't mind if I write and tell you one more time how satisfied I am with the great job Mega Builders did in repairing earthquake damage to my home. I think you should change the name of your company to Mega Magic since my house is totally transformed. The new tile floors in my bathroom are really beautiful, and were done by real professionals. Those rooms look totally different than they ever did before. I am so pleased with the chimney repair. Your workman did an outstanding job on the brickwork, and I can't believe how well they cleaned everything up. Your workers are real craftsmen. Both the entire inside and outside of the house are just beautiful thanks to Mega's commitment to getting the job done. I continually tell people about my extraordinary and positive experience with Mega Builders. It is so rare to find a construction company whose priorities include qualities like: being on time, cleaning up after every day, and having a commitment to serving your clients. Thank you for providing the opportunity for my home environment to again be a lovely place to return to at the end of the day."

- Thanks So Much, Mrs. E, Granada Hills -

we've hired Mega Builder as our contractor on our adding additions/renovating project on our single family home ( we pretty much rebuild the whole house.....)

Since this is the first time I am personally involve in any project this size ( well.. I should say, I've never involved in any kind of building project in any size ) . At first, it was pretty scary as I've heard so many things about people having problem on budget controlling, and unable to finish the project in time. but during the pre-construction meetings with Alon from Mega Builder. He provided a detailed list of all possible cost according to our wish list, and the approx. time of the construction. which I gotta say, they were both pretty accurate except there was a week delay on the construction caused by the city Inspector. it was really nothing considering it was originally projected as a 28 weeks project.

although, it was a long project, but I have to admit it was a pleasant experience, especially the result turned out before than i expected.

- dele -

A big 'thank you' to Mega Builders and to Alon. We couldn't have done this complicated project without you. From the planning, to dealing with the city, to working with the HOA, to building our beautiful new home, you've managed everything with outmost dedication and attention to detail. The transformation of the old house into this new and vastly improved version is so complete that it's practically a new house. And what's more, we got it build to our exact preferences and within our budget.

- Mary Ross -

I must've driven Alon and everybody else crazy with all the change orders I introduced during the work, but he was always patient and priced them very reasonably. The end result is definitely worth all the hard work everyone on the team had put into the project. Our house turned out gorgeous.

- Alessa Howard -

Experience, Excellent plans comprehetions, Good custmer Relations, Extensive Experience, Osha Regulatory, Responsable, analytical, Conscientious, Wide variety of Duties and opration, Gighest Quality,Work Corectly, Good perform and Install activities acording to specificatios, based on on job, term and City Regulations.

- pacificco -

When hiring a contractor for a large scale remodeling project it's important to choose someone you can get along with. Because let's face it, the time frame required for a sizable project is longer than what some marriages last. So make sure that beyond the bells and whistles and the contractor's portfolio of completed projects there is also a person you feel comfortable with. Our project took almost 2 years, and during that time Alon proved to be that person. Not only as a professional with unparalleled attention to detail, a great eye for design, and a fountain of information about anything and everything concerning the building process, but a great guy whom we consider a friend. Thank you.

- Jason Arthurs -

A coworker suggested I give Mega Builders a call and I'm so glad I followed his advice. We didn’t have a clear idea of what we wanted done with the house, but with our input and Alon's suggestions and the architect's interpretation the end result was not only a stunning plan but one we could afford. During the project there were so many decisions do be made, like which products to select and what colors to choose, but Alon always gave us heads up well in advance so it was manageable. Everything ran like a well oiled machine and I couldn't be happier with the results.

- Marvin Pine -

I hired Mega Builders to to renovate my kitchen and I had an outstanding experience. They are very courteous, very respectful, and above all, very professional. I am completely satisfied with their work and would not hesitate to hire them on my next home remodel.

- lessismore88 -

I have colaborated with Mega Builders on a count of projects for over a decade providing low voltage services. These projects require precise custom design and construction execution which Mega Builders have provided in a professional, timely, concious manner, and quality second to none.

- alonmoscovitch -

The house we've purchased is in a great neighborhood, but it was so rundown that after giving it much thought we decided (after listening to Alon's advice) to do a complete teardown instead of trying to fix its many problems and adding to it. Best decision ever. I love that everything is new and that there is nothing rotten hiding inside the walls. But most of all I love that my family has a beautiful home that is custom tailored to our needs. Couldn't have done it without Alon's guidance, professionalism, and patience. Thank you, to Alon and to all the wonderful people who worked so hard to make our dream home turn out as beautiful as it did.

- Marilyn Lopez -

Very high quality contractor, easy to work with, very knowledgable, I will use them again for all construction needs. They are very clean and have a great customer care service. I recommend to hire them anytime.

- asinaor1 -

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