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We started our 5,458 sq remodel over 2 years ago with another builder. After 4 different start and stop times, we finally decided to find someone else to finish the job. Left with an unfinished remodel my wife Gina and I really hoped to find someone with a track record of finishing projects, especially projects of the size and scope similar to ours. We were really getting tired of the cramped apartment occupied by our rather rucus family of 5 and a dog while we waited for the remodel to wrap up. In the last stages of our remodel, we still hadn't completed the kitchen, half the bathrooms upstairs, and the master bedroom was a mess. We found new hope when we found Megabuilders. Megabuilders was a perfect fit - they had the kind of experience and reputation we were looking for. They've worked in our area many times before - we loved the pictures of the previous work they did, just the kind of work we wanted done. So far they've been great, the remodel is almost done, and we are very excited with what we've seen so far.

- Jesse -

My wife and I are very picky to say the least (especially my wife Elaine). We knew we were going to invest over a million into our remodelling overhaul and we knew we wanted a builder we felt really knew what they were doing and who would be upfront and honest. After interviewing builders for over 6 months we were pretty disheartened. That and the fact that the scope of the project kept increasing, our need for someone who really connected with us and we felt could competently handle everything involved was ever prescient. What had initially started as a downstairs remodel - kitchen, bathroom, powder room and living room - evolved into adding the top floor to our list - 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms - as well as a 1200 sqft addition guesthouse in the yard. We really love our neighborhood so even though the extensive remodeling was going to be expensive, we knew we wanted to stay. The HOA is pretty controlling here, so we knew we needed someone who could help us navigate the design requirements of the association, etc. MegaBuilders have been tremendous in every way. My wife and I really feel we're in the best hands. Competent, communicative\responsive, timely (can't stress how important this is!), and professional. That and the fact they knew how to navigate the HOA concerns concerning design requirements, etc. is such a relief. After such a long period of disappointing options we were so happy to have met and hired MegaBuilders and recommended them very highly.

- Matt -

These guys are fantastic, honestly the best I've worked with. It's so hard to find quality builders - especially in a big city. You don't know them, who they are, their character, etc. From the get go I could tell I was dealing high caliber when I met Alon and his crew. I couldn't recommend them more.

- Ahmad -

Man oh man are we happy we had these guys. I cant tell you how stressful remodelling is - well maybe you know haha. We had started with another contractor a few months before, and they were terrible! They were always late, they overcharged us at every stage, and their work was definitely sub par. When we finally got rid of them, we were so jaded, but still needed to get the work done. It was hard to find someone we felt we could trust and who knows their sruff. After meeting Alon, our fears were put to rest, really. We have been so pleasantly suprised that this process could actually be pleasant! Thank you MegaBuilders!

- Loreeta -

Alon helped us understand the construction process, and helped us stay within our budget while creating our vision. He worked with us every step of the way, and was very transparent about how much things would cost, how long it would take, etc. We could sense that these guys knew what they were doing and that was very relieving to realize. Two things that really set MB apart from other builders we met is that they were clearly more knowlegedable about the construction process and clearly were committed to our satisfaction. Thank you MB - we could not be happier.

- Farshid -

The vibe we got from some of the contractors we met with never felt right - salesy, and non-too knowledgable. We decided to go with Alon because he seemed to be on the ball. It was like having a builder consultant teach us about evryting we would consider - without trying to sell us on anything we we'rent interested in, which was real nice. Alon came and walked us through everything we should consider - things the other contractors never even brought up, like code requirements, design considerations and lead abasement - important suff lol! Selecting everything with budget and design in mind really made Mega stand out for us. Highly recommended.

- Frank -

My husband and I were determined to remodel the first and second floor of our 5,457 sq ft home into the home we always dreamed of. We spent two years thinking through the design and aesthetic of our project, but no matter how we tried we couldn’t figure out how to get the look we wanted without essentially going into debt - and we had quite a bit set aside for the project. We spent almost a year researching how to save money on this - what a contractor could do, DIY options, everything. When we felt ready, we started bringin in builders to get quotes, etc. Most gave us pie-in the sky answers, and we could tell they were full of it - we spent enough time researching to know. A couple seemed legit, but it was Mega Builders that really impressed us. When they asked about our ideas, etc. we revealed all the research we’d done and our thoughts and fears concerning the work we thought needed to get done. They listened intently and told us that with enough ingenuity and craft we could make it happen. Initially we were skeptical - we didn’t think it was actually doable with our budget. But with most bluntness and honesty we’d ever experienced with a contractor, told us that with our budget they weren’t going to build the Taj Mahal, - though they said they could if we wanted to spend a good deal more lol - but with enough ingenuity and craft they could leverage less expensive materials and processes to reach a result at 85-90% the quality, at substantial savings. They called this process value engineering - a term I have since become obsessed with, because frankly it’s an awesome way to build our vision without using money we don’t have (no debt, yay!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a small expense, but one we are more than happy with - and one we could afford. From the beginning, they spent time and effort planning and designing everything with us to make sure we were happy with the work to be done, and then started when they said they would and so far they are ahead. Also they got us using their communication and billing software which is on their site that made everything easier. The bottom line is that these guys are awesome.

- Samantha -

We interviewed over 7 contractors before deciding to hire Mega Builders. They are WAY ahead of the pack in terms of their knowledge of current building codes and identifying/pointing out potential problems before commencement. I highly recommend selecting Mega Builders for your project.

- Michelle K -

Mega Builders worked with us every step of the way, kept us informed and updated every week. We met with Alon at least once a week to make sure we knew exactly what was going on. Getting this done was a relatively fast and painless experience and we recommend them.

- Josh -

Mega Builders really are experienced pros - and very helpful! Their reputation precedes them - they made sure to hook us up in every way they could. We were gutting out most of our home. Luckily they’ve done so much work in our area that they knew the city planning commission and HOA proceedings so no problem there. Also, they helped us think in terms of budget and what our priorities were in a way that none of the other contractors did - having someone who knows what they’re doing work with us to select the right materials and work, really made a difference. It was like having a brutally honest friend who really knows what they’re talking about look out for us and go out of their way to do right by us.

- Barbara Evans Evans -

“Mega Builders are the real deal. We were embarking on a relatively large remodel in San Marino and met with several contractors who made lots of promises, but Mega Builders stood out. We had no idea what a difference having an expert help us select the right materials and processes would make. Important stuff.They patiently worked with us every step of the way, and doing it with them made all the difference! We were able to make way better decisions with their advice. We didn’t have to start until we were 100% happy with the design - which of course we were - and then the construction process itself went way better than we thought, and they even finished two weeks early!”

- Marcus Shendel -

Alon's ability to listen to the homeowner's needs and his meticulous attention to detail in executing the design vision is remarkable. Alon and his team are consistently aligned with the project's budget, schedule and overall aesthetic. He always embraces challenging design and thrives when it comes to problem-solving solutions. In addition, Alon is a pleasure to work with because he is never only concerned with the construction of the project, but rather how to better improve the project at every step along the way. Best of all, Alon has a 'can-do' positive attitude that anything is possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking high quality work and a great service.

- Kurt Krueger Architects -



When it comes to commitment to craft, attention to detail, and respect of client needs, it would be difficult to find better than Alon and the Mega Builders team. As an Architect, the best ideas come down to execution and a willingness to work through a series of complex relationships, having Mega Builders on the job insures making those concepts come to life.

- Mark Bittoni -

We've worked with Alon on more than one job, and he has always established meaningful goals and met those objectives in a timely manner. Not only are Alon's contracting skills a cut above, but the documentation is thorough and complete. We would highly recommend Mega Builders to anyone for their construction needs"

- Flintridge Design Inc. -

I cannot say enough about Mega Builders. They are consumate professionals in the high-end residential arena. Alon runs a tight ship - our project came in on time and budget, and all the clients expections were met. This doesn't just happen. It takes hard work and dedication and that is what he and his team are all about. I am looking forward to working with Mega Builders on many more successful projects.

- Paul Brant Williger Architect -

Selection Process: We recently purchased a house in Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena built in 1935 that is in need of a major remodel. We did a lot of research to try to find the best architect/ contractor for the job because we knew this would be a complex project. Our home is part of a historic landmark community and there are many design restrictions for these homes. We did a lot of research and we identified Alon as one of our top picks based on his Houzz reviews. We interviewed him along with a few others at our home to get a feel for their vision and select who would be the most compatible person for this project. What we loved most about Alon was his honesty and how thorough he was. Although we had a huge wish list of changes we wanted to make, Alon was very realistic about the challenges we would face. He consulted us on which items on our wish list would cause delays in the permit process, which items were not within our budget, and which design elements would not compliment the current architecture of the home. Other vendors we met with promised us the moon and stars… and all within budget with short timelines. They failed to ask as many questions as Alon did, which let us know that we would likely face unexpected hurdles with the others. Both my husband and I felt that Alon displayed the highest level of integrity, transparency, and expertise. Architectural Design Process: Once we decided we wanted to hire Alon, he sent us over a contract with the scope of work, budget, and payment schedule. He was extremely patient and professional in reviewing the contract terms with us, and he also maintained the same level of patience and professionalism throughout the entire design process. Alon had explained to us when reviewing the contract that he would make as many revisions as needed to the floor plan until we were 100% satisfied prior to us giving final approval. He stayed true to that promise throughout the entire design process. Every time we wanted to make a new change or test a new idea… Alon always maintained a very positive and supportive approach. He was always willing to educate us, answer any questions, explain the details, and walk us through the pros and cons of every option. We are now approaching the final approval of our floor plan designed by Alon, and we could not be more happy with the process and the end result!

- Tabrizin -

I have found Alon to be knowledge and thoughtful, and takes tremendous pride in work. Attentive to both his clients wishes and budget. Extremely hands on and attentive. Very professional and a great team player. He has doing remodeling and addition work for several years and is extremely proficient at this level of project.

- Michael Ball Architects -

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- client voice -

Mega Builders is absolutely meticulous and of the highest quality -- even to my perfectionist standards. They seems to know just about everything there is in construction and there seem to be no standard house building techniques... And everyone in Mega Builders are absolutely nice, polite and respectful of owners, children, pets... There are just not enough good things to tell about Mega Builders! Happy As Can Be

- dekelhomescape -

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