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Designed and built an extensive remodel of our home in 2004. Work involved moving interior walls, moving windows, earthquake updates, complete new wiring and electric panels, new air conditioning ducts, new flooring, complete new master bath and walk in closet, lighting, etc. We had excellent communication during both design and construction phases. He convinced me to contract with him when he said #1 - your selection of contractor has got to be based on trust, and #2 - he offered a guarantee that he would be finished in 10 weeks from our start date - I did not have to ask for it. He finished in 10 weeks and 3 days of start. There was no bickering at all with changes and cost. Finished within contracted cost. Work was excellent. His crews were diligent, careful, knowlegeable, hard working, & respectful.

- exumry -

Mega Builders are by far the most professional company that have participated in my project. Their knowledge of technical details and how to choose the right technique for installation of various components made a big difference. To that date, every area of the project that they were responsible for is flawless.

- amirgmega -

Mega Builders rebuilt our house in San Marino, California. The existing house was not in very good shape but the lot was big and had a lot of potential. For those who know, the City of San marino has very strict guidelines for home designs. Mega Builders was able to work within those guidelines and built a wonderful and functional home with excellent details. Mega Builders was always professional and on time with their work. Any delays were caused by us making changes along the way. I would definitely recommend them and if I were to do another major project like this, I would definitely consider Mega Builders again.

- Tony Gin -

I have worked with Mega Bildiers for nearly eight years providieng them with structural engineering services.

They are a team committed to doing the job right at the first time. They are extemely knolageble and timely in teir work.

- yogurtian -

I have had the pleasure to work with Mega Builders on 2 very large, very intricate custom home construction projects. Alon Toker’s work is second to none. As a company, his staff has the ability to implement changes seamlessly on the jobsite when the scope of planning has changed . The craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply amazing, and from my experience as a sub contractor, each team member that I have worked with on his projects responds immediate to questions and details that produces perfect end results.

I highly recommend Mega builders . Maelisa Reed Lighting

- maelisa101 -

I have known and wroked with Mega builders for 10+ years and have found them to be very professional to deal with. Mega Builders is a top notch design/build firm

- sxdoyle -

Excellent contractor, did an excellent job on our clients large water loss in Beverly Hills, CA. Mega Builders also has worked on other losses and our client were pleased in the construction and met all deadlines. We highly recommend Mega.

- Buz Twarowski -

Alon Toker, the owner of Mega Builders! I learn the business aspect working for him, ethical, professional and a great person!

I recommend him to do you job!

- Charco DESIGN & BUILD Inc. -

we've hired Mega Builder as our contractor on our adding additions/renovating project on our single family home ( we pretty much rebuild the whole house.....)

Since this is the first time I am personally involve in any project this size ( well.. I should say, I've never involved in any kind of building project in any size ) . At first, it was pretty scary as I've heard so many things about people having problem on budget controlling, and unable to finish the project in time. but during the pre-construction meetings with Alon from Mega Builder. He provided a detailed list of all possible cost according to our wish list, and the approx. time of the construction. which I gotta say, they were both pretty accurate except there was a week delay on the construction caused by the city Inspector. it was really nothing considering it was originally projected as a 28 weeks project.

although, it was a long project, but I have to admit it was a pleasant experience, especially the result turned out before than i expected

- dele -

I hired MegaBuilders to do some major remodeling work to my house. They remodeled my kitchen, 2 bathrooms, removed 1 bathroom and added the extra space to another room. They also upgraded my wooden stair rails to glass rails and put in wooden floors on part of the house . The house was painted inside and outside completely. The results were amazing and much better that I could have imagined. I wished it could have finished a bit faster, but these things take time, specially since some work required permits. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the result and highly recommend Alon and his team.

- pierre_zarokian -

Mega Builders is professional and easy to work with. I would trust them to work on any construction project at the house. They work smart and clean and do high quality work. It is an honest, dependable and quality company. They did several major remodeling projects including doors, windows and a lot more. I would recommend them highly and plan to use them again.

- abgoldring -

We had a major remodel done that included a large second floor addition and a complete makeover of our home. We liked how Alon approached and helped us balance the issues of needs, wants and budget and we were very comfortable with him personally and felt assured by his knowledge and professionalism.

The design exceeded our expectations and the fact that it was within our budget was a welcome surprise. We cannot be happier with the result. As Alon repeatedly promised, the work was completed on time and on budget and our home looks better than we hoped.

We give Mega Builders a 5-Star recommendation!

- Levon Gavalian -

I re-did my hardwood floor and they did a wonderful work. I'm very happy with the service and results. Thank you

- jhho777 -

When my wife and I decided to remodel our outdated sixties home, we searched for a reputable design build firm. We were extremely lucky to find Mega Builders. The design was beautiful, opening the layout of our first floor and making it look much bigger than before, adding only about two hundred sf to the first floor. New modern kitchen, new hardwood floors throughout, paint and new windows completed the work on the first floor, transforming our home completely. On the second floor we added about the same size as below, transforming our small master bedroom into my new favorite place. We were amazed at Mr. Toker's attention to detail. Things we wouldn't even notice, would be addressed promptly and professionally. The best though was that the project came exactly at the budget we agreed upon. Every one of our friends that did some serious remodeling to their home, complained about it ending costing up to twice the original budget agreed on. Taking it into account we appropriated additional budget just in case - we used it to buy higher quality appliances and new furniture instead. Thanks to all the wonderful people that worked on our home, it was a pleasure.

- Kevin Aguirre Rodriguez -

We hired Mega Builders to completely remodel our first floor, and add two bedrooms and a bath to the second floor. In the second phase of the project, they did the backyard including a new pool, a pond and a small pool house. We are very happy with the results. Our new home looks nothing like it did before. Thank you for your diligent work and for my beautiful home.

- albertgharibi -

I have a new house thanks to Mega builders. We added to our second story small master, making it larger and adding a beautiful master bathroom and master closet. The other two kids bathrooms also got redone. Downstairs, we removed a few walls and completely redone the kitchen, the powder room and the guest room. To sum up: a new house. We are very happy with the results, with the service and with the professionalism. As important, we are very happy with the costs that were very reasonable for a project of this size.

- afof -

I have known Alon Toker and Mega Builders for about 15 years now. Mega Builders is a great company that I highly recommend because its work product is simply spectacular. In addition, Mr. Toker is an honest, trustworthy and competent contractor. I encourage everyone who wants excellent reliable service with a remarkable product to hire him. There is not a single negative thing I can think about for this review: Everything Mr. Toker said he would do he did, and everything was completed when it was promised. Dealing with Mega Builders was easy and stress free and the work was first rate. Mr. Toker made himself available to me with his advice and knowledge and his time was much appreciated. His professionalism served me well and I’m extremely happy I used his company. If you are looking for a company that is absolutely committed to deliver top quality product exactly as promised and if you are looking for a top-tier professional that will not compromise his commitment to your satisfaction with the work he does - look no further than Alon Toker and Mega Builders. My strongest recommendation! Moshe Gutnick

- moshe345 -

if this review is a bit through the roof, that is because everything under the roof of the home that we purchased, unbeknownst to us, was a disaster.

Alon Toker and Mega Builders were referred to me by a very close friend who had renovated their very large home in Beverly Hills and used Mega Builders for the rebuild. It was exquisite. We intended to do very little work on the home and asked Alon to come estimate the the kitchen and bathroom renovation that was our intended scope of work. During their review of the job, they pointed out something that had not been brought to our intention by the sellers, brokers, contractor, or even the inspection company, doing the inspection . I thought maybe that this was another contractor trying to create work for themselves, although knowing our friends experience was perfect and nor would they refer anyone to us that wasn't great. But, why else would have no one mentioned the same concerns, especially when they were being paid to do such that. Yet, when for my own protection, I went back and brought up the concern, I was met with the same reaction that I had; Must be a contractor looking for work. You should have us do the kitchen. But, I took Mega Builders advise and tried to get the sellers to allow further inspection, and that was declined. I trusted my team....

Long story short, Alon was right! Was he a genius? I'll let him answer that. Was he honest? YES! Since then, Alon and Mega builders has been amazing in helping us with the process of correcting the issues that we found ourselves stuck with. Mega Builders work and consideration of budget, design choices; cost vs effect, have been beyond the scope. I can not imagine going through this experience with another company. I have always felt that Alon and Mega Builders, that I was in great hands and any question or direction would be answered with choices that always reflected what was in our best interest. It has been that way. I hope that most people reading this review, won't have the experience that we did on our purchase and would need to have Mega Builders be so involved, but in our case. It is exactly what we needed and would have even prayed for. On the obvious level of hope, the subs that have been brought on the site have been great at their game, and their behavior. Mega Builders has brought the best, done the best, offered the best, and always been there.

I give Mega Builders Five Stars because I gave them my and my family's life and home, and they handled it with acumen, care, creativity, sensitivity, and professionalism .... Now if we could just find a doctor, with those qualities, who also thinks about whats best for us and the cost!!

- ashtonjones -

A gentleman and a scholar, are the terms my wife and I used to describe Mr. Toker as soon as he left our house.

I knew we were dealing with a professional as I watched him walking up to our door from our balcony. He was observing the house and taking notes even before he rang ourdoorbell.

Once inside he was extremely polite and really listened and observed. He was courteous and complementary without sounding fake or condescending while we explained to him our vision and budget constraints. He was patient in explaining what we could do and could not within our budget.

Still what really blew us away was the depth of his knowledge. He has a keen eye for detail and though our budget was way too small for his company he never made us feel like we wasted his time. Instead he gave us real insight on what we could do and even offered us his own subcontractors to do the job independently. You will be hard pressed to find an honest gentleman in a business that is filled with people making empty promises and half truths.

Our only regret is we don't have a budget that could use the knowledge and expertise that Alon and his company would bring. Alas he will be my first phone call once we finally decide to build our dream house.

- kbroo -

I recently met with Alon to request that he help me initiate the development of a plan for our home remodel. This house has a number of problematic issues and the prospect of starting the renovation had been for me a daunting task to contemplate. Right away Alon was responsive to all our concerns and has been extremely courteous and professional. I immediately developed rapport with Alon and feel very relieved that I have finally found the excellent company which will be able to successfully assist us complete this home remodel project. Alon has already given us very useful advice and has started the process of providing the step by step guidance and expertise we need. I am very excited to be working with someone both trustworthy and professional who can help us navigate through this whole remodel process. l look forward to providing further reviews as we progress but I am confident we are off to an excellent start now that we have discovered Mega Builders!

- joanbs22 -

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