Newly wed…and newly homeowners..what to do?

Our GC Alon’s advice to a newly wed couple trying to go about remodeling their new home the right way:

Congrats on the house…and marriage 🙂

Your game plan should include the following:

– As noted above, take a breath, enjoy the home and get to live in it for a while

– Get a consumer-grade design program, draw your existing floor plan and, as you are struck with needs and wants, start drawing these in.

– Decide on a budget that makes sense and ‘reverse-engineer’ the planned project to it

– Work on the financial side of the planned project much like you do on the planning side

– As the stars start to fall in alignment (the time when you can ‘pull the trigger’ draws near) expand your prep to include identifying competent and recommended contractors / designers / architects for your project (you are already on Houzz, which is the absolutely best place to start)

Best of luck!”

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