Remodeling University: Get Ready For Summer

With winter behind us (at least for us folk in sunny Southern California) and spring in full bloom, it is time to take stock of what, in our homes, requires our attention, before the onslaught of summer is upon us.

First, I would recommend thinking back on how the home’s systems functioned during the winter months: Did the roof leak? Were the gutters functioning properly? Did rain-water properly drained so that pooling at the yard and more importantly, against the home did not occur? Was there a shortage of hot-water for the family? Was the home drafty and cold? Were heating bills too high? Were there moisture problems on the inside or excessive condensation?

Whatever problems you had, now would be a good time to look into their cause and solution. If you’ll let it go for now, opting instead to address these issues before next winter comes around, chances are you won’t. The underlining issue will only get worst and more expensive to fix.

The summer brings with it its own challenges. Here are some of the potential issues I would recommend that you review and address:
1. Cooling: our summers are HOT. Energy costs are up and rising. Before you have to contend with 100+ degree heat you should have your HVAC equipment reviewed and serviced so that it is ready when you need it the most.
2. If your HVAC is old, consider installing new, high-efficiency equipment.
3. Have your ducts tested for leaks. Repair or replace the ducts with high ‘R’ value ducts.
4. Have your home insulation checked. Getting your home better insulated will do wonders to your utility bills.
5. Check all your sprinklers for leaks and proper function.
6. Consider upgrades to your sprinklers and/or the controller. Significant amount of water can be saved.
7. Review your exterior trim’s paint and general condition of the wood (windows, etc.) It is a good idea to address deficiencies before the sun hits at full intensity.

For all of the above, consider a review of your home by a qualified ‘green’ remodeling contractor or have an energy audit of your home done.

Beyond the maintenance and upgrade issues noted above, summer is a great time to remodel. Even with our mild winters, many homeowners are reluctant to have major remodeling done at their homes during the winter, because of fear of leaks, the mud that gets dragged into the home, etc. Summer is perfect for that. Call a top Design-Build contractor to put together ideas and plans for what you hope to accomplish and get the work done competently, timely and on budget.

If you plan a summer vacation away from home, it might also be a good idea to review the home’s security features; is the alarm system in working order? Are the locks secure? Are outside light operable?

Last, summer is a great time for outdoor entertainment: Is the pool clean and safe? Is the BBQ ready for duty? How is the outdoor furniture? Do you need to get new pool toys?

This summer have fun, be safe and take care of your home. A little preventative care would go a long way.

Good luck!

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