Remodeling University: Is this a good time to remodel?

You are exited about the prospects of a remodeled home. The kitchen remodeling you have been putting off for the past two years can not be delayed, the dated bathroom you have been dreading walking into is on its last legs, the addition to the family is imminent and the additional bedroom is not built yet. Inevitably you will soon find yourself asking the questions: “is this a good time to remodel?”

Many experts now say the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!

Why remodel now?
-The economy is in a recovery
-Remodeling costs are at record lows and already trending up
-Intrest rates (if financing) are at historically record lows.
-Home values hit bottom 6-9 months ago and are on a rebound
-Some projects qualify for soon to expire tax credit and other incentives
-You can still afford to choose the best contractors in your area

As importantly though, when a remodeling project is properly designed and executed, the rewards enjoyed by your family for years to come are priceless.
We can never recapture a day gone by, nor an experience lost. Put your family into that new kitchen, or bathroom or addition. Enjoy the enhanced quality of life and standard of living sooner rather than later. There may never have been a better time to ‘pull the trigger’ on a remodeling project.

Happy remodeling!

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