Remodeling University: “Solar Power International 10” – Biggest Solar Trade Show Just Ended

For three days last week, Los Angeles was home to the largest B2B solar show in North America.
Attendance was brisk and the number of vendors was staggering. It is remarkable to observe the expanding scope of this show from year to year, regardless of the general economic conditions ‘out there’.
With California accounting for about 50% of the entire US solar industry, local consumers enjoy great selection and a competitive market place.
We were there on all three days to say ‘hi’ to suppliers, to look at new products, to see new trends and to keep abreast of new technologies.

Here are some products of note in no particular order:

This is the incomparable Sanyo HIT double. A transparent solar panel that benefits from both direct sunlight and reflected light from the surface below it. It is great for trellises and has a wonderful ‘hi-end’ look.

This is a Building Integrated glass solar panel from Schüco. It is gorgeous, large and $$$. Imagine a complete facade done with this panels. Breath taking!

This is 3M’s “Ultra Barrier Solar Film”. The possibilities are endless!

Westinghouse came up with a remarkable solar system. The panels are beautiful to look at, the system is modular and holistic in its design, minimizing parts, exposed wires, potential grounding issues and eliminating hi-voltage DC. It also enables remote monitoring of each individual panel. This is state of the art – and we have it available to our client TODAY!

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