Newly wed…and newly homeowners..what to do?

Our GC Alon’s advice to a newly wed couple trying to go about remodeling their new home the right way:

Congrats on the house…and marriage :)

Your game plan should include the following:

– As noted above, take a breath, enjoy the home and get to live in it for a while

– Get a consumer-grade design program, draw your existing floor plan and, as you are struck with needs and wants, start drawing these in.

– Decide on a budget that makes sense and ‘reverse-engineer’ the planned project to it

– Work on the financial side of the planned project much like you do on the planning side

– As the stars start to fall in alignment (the time when you can ‘pull the trigger’ draws near) expand your prep to include identifying competent and recommended contractors / designers / architects for your project (you are already on Houzz, which is the absolutely best place to start)

Best of luck!”

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When to hire an electrician..

Most homeowners should be comfortable with changing a light bulb….aside from that, you should hire an electrician!

Everything Stucco

Our GC Alon’s response to a discussion on Houzz about stucco:

1. Yes, stucco can be painted (if you choose to do this, make sure to use the right kind of paint and prep)

2. Yes, if you paint the fresh stucco I would give it as much time as possible both for curing and for settling and shrinkage cracks to develop (so you could have them repaired as part of the paint job)

3. If this is a contractor mistake, he most certainly needs to provide corrective measures.

4. You may want to ask him to fog coat the walls with acrylic fog. This may be a better solution for your situation.

5. If he suggests reapplying the color coat in the area where it was mixed wrong, your existing color coat must be removed first (this is typically done with sandblasting). Applying another color coat on top of existing will create two possible problems: A. Per bonding (i.e. you will be dealing with flaking before too long) and B. Stucco will be too thick at openings (doors and windows).

Best of luck!

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How to make unlevel slab floors level..

Out GC Alon’s advice on making an unlevel slab floor level:

First investigate this, as this is quite an extreme situation.

However, you may be able to address this (losing headroom). Remove all flooring material and apply lightweight concrete.

Lightweight concrete is practically liquid when applied (i.e. it is self-leveling) and can be installed as thin as 3/4″.

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How to protect your kitchen walls without side splash…

Splashes are great to have around water and where you cook. Side splashes are far away from either.

So if your preferred aesthetics is no side splashes, then that’s fine. A few things to consider though…

In terms of fit and finish, the stone fabricator should be able to provide a tight tolerance unless the corner is weird and out of square. But even in that case (if the slab does not fit the wall line perfectly) you can alway address the imperfection with some wall work before your final coat of paint.

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How to save money while redoing/refinishing an old fireplace…

Probably the least costly and most impactful approach would be to refinish the bookcases and to get a pre-fab fireplace surround piece.

The room would be transformed for a relatively small budget.

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What to do if you remove a soffit and find extensive wiring underneath?

Our GC (Alon’s) advice to someone who removed their kitchen soffit and discovered extensive wiring behind it…

“IF you HAVE to do without this soffit altogether then this is a work for a competent electrician

But, you may get what you want without having to deal with the electrical…

See how small a soffit you can build in lieu of the one you tore out. Figure on using the lumber flat rather than on edge to save room. You may be able to push back (gently – don’t force it!!) on some of the wires to enable an even smaller soffit.

This soffit does not have to be full depth (i.e. deeper than or as deep as top cabinets with crown). It could be just as deep as the wires mandate.

So what do you do at that point?

You can either use custom cabinets with the top-back corner built as a box hiding this soffit or you can order the cabinets a little shorter and use a larger crown to hide the larger gap between these cabinets and the ceiling.

It depends on how large/small the new soffit is, what’s the cabinet plan for the other walls, the type of cabinet doors you use (with glass doors the first option is not relevant), etc.

Of course, at worst case scenario, you rebuild a soffit, only it would be smaller and less obtrusive.

Problem solved!

Best of luck!”


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