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Mega Builders is your ideal partner for getting award-winning, professional and affordable home building, remodelling and restoration services. We are one of the leading Design Build Contractor Los Angeles and recognized for offering satisfying and affordable construction services.

We are named among 50 top remodelling companies and got local and national reorganization for our excellent design, excellent and long-lasting construction services. Along with home construction, we are also renowned for offering excellent Solar Panel Installation Los Angeles services. We have completed more than 9000 installation project local and nationwide. This will enable us to guarantee that your installation project is handled in a right and accurate manner.

We are licensed and certified Solar Companies In Los Angeles and have got an A+ rating from BBB for our services and workmanship. We employ industry trained and certified professionals. So, you can ensure that you will get excellent installation services. Our services come at very competitive rates that you will not get anywhere else.  To meet the client expectation for offering excellent, professional and reliable installation and construction services are our main goal.

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Hire Mega Builders To Get Award Winning Home Improvement Services At Cheap Rates

When it comes to getting award-winning and quality home improvement services in Los Angeles, look no further than Mega Builders. We are one of the leading home remodeling contractors in Los Angeles and have great track records of successful and quality home improvement projects.

We are full service Los Angeles home improvement contractor.  Whether you want kitchen remodeling services, solar panel installation, home damage restoration, whole house remodeling or designing & building of custom home our team of professionals can handle all types of project in the most professionals and economical manner.

We employ only industry trained, specialized and licensed professionals to ensure that your home improvement project is handled in the best way possible. We utilize state-of-art techniques, the latest innovations and quality materials in order to deliver award winning remodeling services to each and every client.

We pride in ourselves to serve more than hundreds of people all across Los Angeles for their custom home building needs. From planning, designing, construction to finishing, our team of professionals is with you in all the processes in order to ensure that you will get quality and satisfying service. Providing every client with award winning, reliable and economical home renovation and improvement services are our main goal.

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Get You Home Renovated In The Hands Of Professional Contractors

Hiring a professional home remodeling contractor is of utmost importance, if you are planning to renovate your house. Today, with the help of the internet you can find the reliable companies that specialize in custom homes, whole house remodeling homes and details, baths, kitchens and second floor additions Los Angeles. Mega Builders is an award winning company and an industry leader over the past two decades. We have team skilled and knowledgeable contractors with a proven track record of successfully completed second floor addition projects. Our experts will boost up your home’s value and your long term equity position and many more.

To get an efficient, beautiful and affordable home, feel free to contact our contractors that are reliable and trustworthy. Our work will be of top notch quality and will be completed on time. In fact, we guarantee your project to be completed on time and within your budget. The following are the reasons to choose our services: highly competitive, fastest possible track of completion, thousands of completed projects over close to 3 decades, ‘A’+BBB rating and very competitive and aggressively priced bids.

For any query, feel free to call us. We are happy to answer your questions and offer a no cost home visit. You can trust for better and satisfactory yet competitively priced work.

Contact General Contractors for Home Remodeling Needs

Are you looking for the general contractors Los Angeles for home remodeling needs? Look no further and contact Mega Builders. We are an award winning home remodeling contractor and an industry leader for the past 2 decades. Having a team of experts and professionals, we have won local and national media recognition for our design excellence, picture-perfect renovations and new custom home construction. Our contractors understand construction and delivers value. We guarantee that our contractors are known for their quality work and on-time work within your budget.

We handle all projects professionally so that you can get a better value for your money. Apart from this, we offer a wide array of services that include whole house remodeling, custom homes, additions,  unique modern kitchens, design & build, home damage restoration (water damage restoration, fire damage restoration) and so on. We also offer solar panel installation services. With several years of experience, we have become a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

For any query, our professionals will gladly answer your questions and do our best to help you .

Please feel free to contact us for initial cost and feasibility consultation or if you already have plans – to get a competitive bid from a top-tier builder.


Get Your Home In The Hands Of Well Qualified Remodeling Contractor

Mega Builders is a well reputable industry leader as an award-winning complete home remodeling contractor for the past two decades. We are committed to your satisfaction in our customer performance and our design. Our contractors are well-recognized for quality work on-time and on-budget work. The following are the services that we offer: custom homes, whole house remodeling, additions, design & build, unique modern kitchens, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration Los Angeles and solar panel installation. We are experts in dealing with the insurance companies and in adjusting a loss. Our contractors have all the essential skills that would inevitably bring to bear on your claim so that you could under pay it. Once your claim is settled, we start with the restore and repair process and brought back to pre-loss condition.

Our experience and expertise include water damage repair in Los Angeles, earthquake damage repairs and retrofitting, fire damage restoration and rebuilds, smoke and soot damage remediation and repair, and more. We have served and continue to serve as experts in court cases as well, always representing the homeowners’ side. By hiring our services, we strive to get you the full value of your loss.

Give us a call today so that your claim gets the attention and handled in an appropriate way that it deserves and needs. For more details access our website.


Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Mega Builders was awarded the Best Of Houzz Award for the year!

There are hundreds of thousands of professional remodeling companies on and only a handful of them are awarded this coveted distinction.
We are blessed with the best clients any business can hope to have and thanks to them (and their testimonials and enthused feedback) we have merited that note of distinction.

Our thanks and gratitude to all for your support, amazing reviews and good wishes.

Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!

Built in Aquarium by Mega Builders ( A built in aquarium in a house designed and built by Mega Builders ([/caption]

Houzz Magazine Features Our Work, Again!

In an articles published this week, Houzz Magazine published an article titled “Designing Nemo: 30 Fish Tanks Make a Decorative Splash”.
A custom built in aquarium in a house we designed and built in prominently featured within.

You can read the article (and view and many gorgeous pictures of custom aquariums included in it) here.

If you have any questions about custom built-in aquariums such as what is required structurally to support them, what special preparations in terms of framing, venting, etc. are needed, how to access them for service and so on, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 818-407-5533. It would be a pleasure answering your questions as best we could!

Remodeling University: Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

With summer behind us, winter is not far off. While in the Los Angeles area we are not concerned with Hurricanes (except for their impact on our winter travel plans), significant winter storms may not be frequent but are certainly a real possibility. It is recommended to proactively prepare your home for winter. Here are some suggestions;
1. Roof: If your roof leaked before and you put off repairing it – fix it now. It is always cheaper (and safer) to repair a roof before it leaks as it would be after, because once water penetrates the home you have to contend with leak damage as well – and water damage repair can be very costly! If your roof looks like it is at the end of its ‘shelf life’, get a qualified roofer or a trusted Los Angeles remodeling contractor to evaluate it and make recommendations.
2. Gutters: Have the gutters cleaned from leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters will lead to water infiltration into the wall and the interior of the home. I recommend that you use trained and properly equipped workers for that task and not attempt it yourself as the risk of injury is real.
3. Doors and windows: Check (or have a qualified contractor check for you) the condition of all the weatherstripping, door sweeps, glazing and caulking at your doors and windows. If in poor state of repair, water might infiltrate during significant rainfall or wind-driven rains. Even if water does not penetrate, poorly weatherstripped doors and windows will significantly undermine the thermal barrier, running up your heating bill.
4. HVAC: You are likely to use your central heating this winter – even if you live in Southern California. Have an HVAC licensed contractor test run your furnace, check your ducts for leaks and check your thermostats. If possible, duct cleaning might be a good idea as well.
5. Insulation: Not a winter item per se, but as viable for winter home-comfort as it is for summer and as attractive for winter energy savings as it is for summer. Is your sub-floor area insulated? Is your attic?
6. Yard and Storm drains: It is imperative to have all rain water shed away from the structure. Make sure your storm drains are not clogged or damaged. Review grading around the home’s perimeter and make sure it slopes away from the structure everywhere. If you have sump-pump assisted system, test the pumps and the system – BEFORE it rains.
7. Water usage: Fall and winter are great times to save on irrigation. While you can certainly do that manually but shutting off your sprinklers every time it rains, you might want to consider investing in an automation of that function. Many systems and devices offer that functionality, from rain sensors to soil moisture sensing devices. With such devices installed, you savings are will be most readily realized in the fall and the spring.
8. Power usage: During the colder months, your pool can do with less circulation. You can save 2-3 hours of pool pump operation daily. Change your timer accordingly.

To paraphrase numerous books about ‘why structures fail’ in one word, the word most experts would agree on is ‘water’. Of that, there is plenty of – even in a Southern Californian winter. A little care will go a long way here and will prove to have great ROI.

Good luck and stay dry!

Mega Builders is a leading Los Angeles contractor, with specialized know how, certifications and experience in ‘green remodeling’, home damage restoration, solar PV,  design and large scale remodeling projects. Features Our Work On Home Page Story!, THE site for design trends in residential homes, featured a project by Mega Builders is a design story yesterday. The Home page feature is remarkable, as many thousands of architects, designers, decorators and builders from all over the world have uploaded their work on this site.

The story can be found here.

In this custom home that we designed and built, the modern kitchen features Mal Corboy Cabinets.

The original 1950’s home was dated and in disrepair. A complete teardown and rebuild along with lavish landscape and hardscape transformed this sleepy San Gabriel Valley residence into a cutting edge, state of the art custom home. You can read more about this home (and about many of our other projects) in our Projects page. Please visit it at your leisure.

For more about Mega Builders, please visit our site. For questions or for free design consultations do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy Remodeling!

A Great Post About Mal Corboy and His Namesake Cabinets – Great Read!

In yet another recognition to the genius and mastery of Mal Corboy (the designer) and his cabinetry, earlier today the influential “Kitchen and Residential Design” blog featured Mal’s creations in a most enthusiastic of endorsements.

Please follow this link to see all the pictures and read the story.

If you are interested in modern kitchen design and in state-of-the-art cabinetry, you won’t want to miss this one.