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Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Are you licensed and insured?

We have been in business for over a quarter century and have been properly licensed since day one. Our contractor’s license number is 623980. We also carry a General Liability policy and Workers’ Compensation insurance. Additionally, as is required by law, we are bonded.

2 . Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. The BBB has a profile on our company dating as far back as 1991, with no customer complaints! Our company’s rating with the BBB is A+, which is the highest rating possible.

3 . How long will my project take?

We guarantee, in writing, your project’s start and finish dates. We will start on time, work daily per the schedule and complete on or before the projected completion date. Guaranteed!

4 . Will my project ‘run’ over-budget?

Our price is ‘turnkey’ guaranteed. Unless you add to the scope of work, what you spend with us will be EXACTLY what our contract will show before work has commenced. Guaranteed!

5 . What is your Guarantee?

We guarantee all of our work for 2 full years from completion, which is double the industry standard. Some items carry longer warranties. We also guarantee the start date, the completion date AND THE COST (see #4 above).

6 . Do you have references that are applicable to the kind of work we are considering?

Of course! You can start by reading through the many testimonials on our site. We also suggest that you visit our page on Once we get together and you need further feedback from past clients, we will be happy to provide you with contact information of past clients that did a project similar to the one you are considering.

7 . How much ‘down’ do you typically require and how do you schedule your progress payments?

This is a VERY important question! Many companies will heavily ‘front load’ a project by requiring very substantial sums, disproportionate to the amount of work done (for example: 30% down). Other companies will bill based on time (for example: every Friday) a fixed amount. In both of these scenarios you will soon find yourself out of far more funds than is justified by ‘facts on the ground’ (i.e. actual work progress). That is a dangerous imbalance. When this happens, you are essentially a ‘hostage’ in that your contractor/builder has all the ‘cards’. They have little to loose by demanding excessively priced Change Orders (you cannot fire them as long as they already have your $ and you do not have the equivalence in work), or by walking off the project altogether. So how we do it? ALL of our progress payments are hinged on work ALREADY COMPLETE. Billing this way, you never have to ‘stick out your neck’ and pray your builder will come through. It is amazing to us how very few companies bill this way. It is even more amazing to us how very few homeowners insist on being billed this way.

8 . How do you handle the transition from the design phase to actual construction?

Another great question! With most companies, clients are dealing with their sales rep and the design team during the design, only to be ‘handed off’ to the production team when the time comes to build. When this transition occurs, a lot is ‘lost in translation’. Verbal promises, requests and fragments of conversation that were not fully documented are lost and frustrations inevitably mount. This leads to lack of trust, resentment and poor working relationship with your builder. This cannot happen when you deal with us. First, we employ no sales people. Furthermore, you will deal directly with the same company principal from the very first meeting and all though to the completion of the work and beyond. There is no ‘handing of the baton’. So there is nothing to be miscommunicated or misconstrued by handing the project to a new team. You will deal with company principal at all the same critical points.

9 . What is the geographical area in which you will accept work?

Over the years we have completed close to 10,000 projects. These projects are spread over a wide area of the Southland. We work in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. We cannot (regrettably) accept all projects (in terms of projects’ size and locations) and we evaluate each case individually.

10 . Do you charge for an estimate?

No. If we agree to bid on your project, we do so at no cost to you.

11 . Do you accept credit cards?

As we aim to be as competitive as possible and offer our clients the highest possible value, we cannot accept payments by credit card.

12 . When can you start?

Another question we hear quite often. The answer, of course, is “depends on the particulars of each case”. If plans are yet to be developed, there is a relatively long ‘lead time’ (cities’ review and approval are anything but speedy) before commencement of work is possible (that is, before permits can be ‘pulled’). In such a case, we will be ready to start the day permits are pulled. If you approach us when your plans are already approved and permits are pulled, when we could start will depend on our workload, your type of project and the stages our ‘running’ projects happen to be in. In no case, however, will we allow ourselves to be the ones delaying your work. We will be ready to start when you are!

13 . What is your Privacy Policy?

We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with anyone.

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