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Home Remodeling

The term “home remodeling” is far too encompassing and general to be of real value. All too often we get a call or an email from a homeowner who approach us because we are a Los Angeles remodeling contractor who have questions about work elements that we do not do at all.

In the many years we have been contractors, we develop certain areas of expertise:

  1. Design/Build – Almost without exception, we designed all of the hundreds of projects featured on our site. As a leading Los Angeles remodeling contractor, we are very proud of our core competency in design. From a kitchen remodeling to a custom home, our new floor plans and designs are always creative, magnificent, rewarding to live in and as importantly – budget centered. Our expertise includes complete teardown and rebuild, additions (first and second floors) and whole-house remodeling projects. We have done hundreds of these projects through the years.
  2. Kitchens – Our custom home construction projects include well over 1,000 kitchens. Of particular note is the fact that we are the exclusive North America distributors for Mal Corboy Cabinets. These amazing museum-caliber creations are on par with or exceed the quality, fit and finish of the best of the European brands from Poggenpohl kitchens to Snaidero. Aside from Mal Corboy Cabinets, we have extensive lines of custom cabinets for almost all budgets and styles.
  3. Home Damage Restoration – Since the ‘87 Whittier quake we have handled thousands of insurance related losses. Dealing with an insurance loss (examples of which would be fire damage repair, water damage repair or other damages) is very different than dealing with a regular remodeling project. Securing a fair, complete and amicable settlement from the insurance company should not be taken for granted and rarely happens without a massive, concerted and particular effort on behalf of your “team”. You need representation when dealing with an insurance company (never go at it on your own!) and we put together a team of the best professionals (public adjuster, etc.) out there. Repair work for home damage restoration too is very different than “run of the mill” remodeling.
  4. Solar – We carry a specialty license for solar work. Although we could “do” solar with our general contractor’s license, it was important for us to demonstrate to our clients that we do have the particular core competencies involved with solar power panels, solar systems, building science and green technologies. The fact that our expertise and experience also include building and roofing makes us particularly equipped (unlike almost anyone out there) to deliver a quality product that will serve you without fail for many years. Our design awareness and know-how is helpful as well. We do our best to come up with solar system solutions that are not only well-priced, reliable and efficient but also architecturally pleasing.


When it comes to whole house remodeling, anyone can make claims about their expertise and experience. But the “proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes. The many projects featured on this site speak volumes. Furthermore, our multiple licenses and certifications (not to mentions media coverage, awards, etc.) should be further proof. Last but not least, our top rating with the BBB (a rating of A+) is second-to-none and ahead of almost all companies in this industry. It is reflective of our client-centered approach and unwavering dedication to our clients satisfaction and to deliver on (and exceed) all of our promises.

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