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Whole house remodel and addition in Manhattan Beach

Style: Spanish
Budget: $100K-150K
Completion Time: 10-16 weeks
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Type: Whole House Remodel


Project Information

An old developer-spec-home was dated and in disrepair. A family of two cooks and young children were on a shoe-string budget. After spending $15000 with an architect on plans for a second floor addition, the owners spent two years trying to find contractors to build the designed project for the budget originally communicated to the architect. After we met with them, new plans were produced within 1 week - this time, the plans were grounded in the reality of the budget. Time was of the essence to the owners, as they rented an apartment while construction was underway. We guaranteed a 12 weeks turn-key completion, and exactly 12 weeks later, the owners were handed the keys to their newly remodeled home.

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