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Mega Builder's PV Solar Offerings

Our clients get only the leading brands in panels and inverters. With thousands of panel manufacturers to choose from, and with new ones coming to market daily, we believe that offering products from proven manufacturers is the right thing to do for our clients. The greatest advantage of solar PV is the clean and predictable power production the system provides for decades, once it is set up. We therefore use only the top brands to make certain our clients get the most reliable products available, so indeed they get to benefit from their systems for many years to come.

We are a licensed solar contractor (C-46). Many companies selling and installing solar systems are not. You will mostly find electricians, air-conditioning contractors and general contractors selling and installing solar systems. We are also licensed builders and hold a CGP (Certified Green Professional) certification from the National Association of Home Builders. Our clients benefit from this global and rounded expertise. Our clients' systems are designed and installed for optimal returns, not for maximum cost. Our construction and roofing experience benefit our clients further by avoiding structural and leaking issues that plague so many solar installations.

Our systems can be roof mounted, ground mounted or mounted on existing (or newly built) trellises. Aesthetics are an important consideration as well. We carry Building Integrated solar panels for a striking and attractive look. Give us a call for a free, comprehensive consultation.


PV Solar Installation Process

Great results require a great design. We start by evaluating our clients' energy use and needs and by identifying areas where they can save energy before they spend money on a solar system. Every $1 spent on energy efficiency would save $5 on the cost of a solar system. We therefore help our clients identify where they can reduce their electric bill even before any money is spent on a photovoltaic system.

We than carefully evaluate our clients' home and site and pick the best location for the solar panels. We look at and evaluate exposure to the sun, shading and architectural aesthetics. An all too common complaint regarding solar systems is that they do not produce as expected. That is the result of careless design and poor installation.

We optimize and maximize the power production of our systems by choosing the optimal location, by selecting well compatible and high efficiency components, by paying close attention to wire sizes and lengths of wire runs, by setting the panels so as to maximize their thermal efficiencies and by never over sizing the system.

Finally, our systems are tested and their production is verified. Our top BBB rating speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients and about our long-term standing by our installations (click on the link at the bottom of page to review our BBB Company Report). You should expect no less when we help you with your solar needs.


Advantages and Return on Investment

A solar PV system, once commissioned, will provide predictable power for decades. While the solar panels that we install carry 25-years warranty from the manufacturers (the best in the industry), they are expected to last much longer. Panels installed in the late 50's are reported to be still operational!

When purchasing and installing a solar power system you are essentially pre-purchasing power at a guaranteed fixed rate. Given the utilities inexorable rate increases over the years, assuming a higher rate in years to come seems like a sure bet. With the proposed cap-n-trade legislation, where utilities would be taxed for their carbon emissions, one can reasonably expect the rate increased to accelerate even more as the utilities will roll their additional costs onto their customers. As a result the rate per kilowatt of PV power, competitive at present utility rated will become a downright bargain. When you own a solar PV system you are guaranteed that attractive rate for many years to come.

We also offer leases on solar systems, something only the largest solar vendors are offering. This option enables you to have solar installed on your house without the considerable upfront costs.

As part of our initial consultation and site visit we will also provide you with a detailed ROI (Return On Investment) analysis of the various ways in which you could have a solar PV system installed in your home.

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