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I worked with Mega Builders to design a whole house remodel and had a truly great experience. Alon, the owner of Mega Builders communicated very well the desires of the client, the budget and made my design process go very smoothly. Mega Builders is a quality builder. Honest, reliable and an excellent eye for detail. I look forward to working with them on projects in the future.

- RAD Designs (Robert Adam Dorn) -

We have done a whole house remodel, more or less. Mega Builders not only provided us with a detailed description of the work and with detailed pricing, they also provided us with a detailed schedule from the get go. No other contractor provided us that. Our architect was very pleased with the work and Alon and he worked well together. We were pleased that the work progressed as promised and that they cleaned at the end of each day. The house is great and we are very happy.

- Almos Taggar -

We worked closely with Alon from start to finish, we had weekly meetings and in between we could follow the schedule and progress online. We are very happy with the result. The work is well done and looks great. Whenever an issue came up it was addressed and resolved. This project was a collaborative effort that we enjoyed.

- Jun Yi -

Our project was completed on time and our budget was met. The process was well managed and seemed painless. We now enjoy a better home and our only regret is not doing the work sooner. They always communicated well and were on top of the schedule. And we were always made to feel that our opinions and concerns are top priority. Highly recommend!

- Shannon Sal -

Mega’s team is client-focused and professional. Alon was always there to help us work within our budget, yet the quality and functionality were never compromised. They worked with the HOA and the city to secure permits and clear any issues in what seemed like record time and had no problems with the ongoing city inspections. We are very happy.

- Nikki Ren -

Mega Builders remodeled our home. The crews always showed up on time and project-status updates were comminucated regularly. The work was finished on time and was beautifully done. After the work was done we had no difficulty getting service work when requested. Our home looks great and is functioning so much better for us. We are indeed happy with results.

- Jeffery Weiss -

Dare I say it... I actually LIKE my contractor! Well, really, I loved these guys, and not only bc Alon and I have similar humor - they were ON it. In all seriousness Mega Builders did a fantastic job. It was a tough 5k+ sqft remodel in an area with an uptight HOA with oversight and regulations to drive anyone nuts, and the Mega guys helped us tremendously throughout. I cannot over state how important a knowledgeable builder is when it comes to these sorts of things. California is bad enough in terms regulation, taxation, etc. and having someone like Alon to help us through approval for our build was priceless. The commiserating helped too ;). In short, these guys were great and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

- Jack -

Alon, we want to thank you and your team for a job well done. We have settled in and we love our home. Working with you and the guys was a pleasure and we are happy to have found you.

- HU-851882313 -

Delightful time working with Alon and his crew. Could not recommend them more. They helped take the pain out of the process - they were professional, and highly knowledgeable. Our home is nearly done, and so far it looks spectacular!

- Marry -

Mega Builders did a great job completing a two-floor remodel of our home. Everyone we encountered was nice and a pleasure to work with. Alon remained closely involved until everything was a wrap and the project was well managed. The result exceed our expectations. Great job Mega Builders!

- Jenean Golen -

Our project’s journey with Mega Builders was a great experience. Alon and his team were always available and we had weekly meetings with Alon from start to finish. The work was supervised daily and managed competently and the work is beautiful. So many others tell of budget overruns and missed deadlines that we feel lucky and blessed to have had none of that. We recommend Alon and Mega without reservation.

- Kristen Reiter -

My wife and I have recently completed a major remodeling project with Mega Builders. We have remodeled homes in the past and this project was the largest and most involved. It also was also the most rewarding and the least stressful. This was thanks to Alon and his team who were always courteous, professional and responsive. Mega’s pricing was fair and competitive, the crew and subs knew what they were about and the work was done timely. Highly recommended.

- Suzette Christenberry -

I hired Mega Builders to do an extensive remodel on an our home. They were competitive, timely, professional and responsive. I was happy with the management of the project and with the attention to detail. Everyone knew what they were doing. The project was done on time. Working on this project with Mega Builders was actually enjoyable.

- Dev Buss -

Mega Builders did a fabulous job on our home remodel. Alon and the team were a pleasure to work with! Our comments were always listened to and our requests acted upon without drama. Nothing was ever considered complete until Alon and we were satisfied with it. We were presented with a detailed schedule from the get go and the work actually finished ahead of the schedule. Alon was always honest and reliable, assumed and accepted responsibility readily and always looked for ways to keep to the budget without compromising the work. The team over-all was professional and accommodating. Our home is transformed and we love it.

- Lorena Peer -

Mega Builders impressed us as the most professional of the builders that we interviewed during the bidding process. Alon was always attentive, detailed and patient with us - both initially during the bidding and, as importantly, for the entire duration of the project. Our impression and takeaway was that, at every turn, the team looked for ways to avoid adding costs and time, even with changes we asked for. Without a doubt, our project was professionally managed and cared for. Everyone on the team, from Alon on down, was always a phone call away and readily available. Hiring Mega Builders was the right choice.

- M P -

From start to finish Alon and his crew were easy to work with. Alon was always mindful of our bottom line and at times, he seemed more hawkish about preserving it than we were. He often made suggestions how to save on costs. Communication was always clear and timely. They kept with the initial schedule of work and payments. We are very happy we hired Mega Builders for our project.

- David S -

We want to thank Mega Builders for a great job. We were always treated with courtesy and respect and the guys were honest and reliable. The team, including the various subs, were top notch professionals! Everyone was a delight to have around. Our home now is absolutely beautiful. We definitely recommend them!

- R T -

We are so thankful to the team at Mega Builders for a very positive home remodel experience and for their incredible work. The quality of the work and the attention to detail at every turn was a great comfort to us. It speaks volumes that we became and remain good friends with Alon and the team members ended up feeling like family. Based on our experience and that of so many others, do yourself a favor and hire this company.

- HU-341078157 -

We are very pleased with Mega Builders’ work. We had a complete home remodel and nearly everything was redone from the bare studs. Mega is an experienced and professional builder and an excellent job was done managing the subs, providing a quality workforce and managing the project. Their customer service was exemplary! It may have been better to simply tear down and rebuild rather than do such an extensive remodel, but we love the result.

- Johny Bryant -

We love houzz - it makes everything so much easier. A house project is a serious commitment of time, resources, energy and getting all our inspirations, our ideas, our potential purchases, and professionals from one resource really simplifies the process. But no matter how easy houzz has made conceptualizing and orchestrating our project, finding the right GC remained a classic problem. Despite pretty images and glowing reviews (which, ironically I am aware this one will be as well) you never how good someone is until you meet them. From the get go we liked Alon. There was definitely a matching of the minds - he knew what we wanted and how to get it. While other contractors repeatedly gave us estimates way above our budget, Mega helped make it work. We weren’t even aware that such a thing as a design-build firm existed let alone how it compared to a typical gc. They do all the design and estimate in one swoop, which apparently helped us save quite a bit! And from the looks of it without sacrificing the scope and beauty of our vision! We are excited to embark on our dream home project with Mega, and hope you give them a good look!

- Ian Ci -

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